Issues Facing Search & Search Marketing

Where Do We Go from Here? from Kevin Ryan at iMediaConnection has him surveying members of a panel he’s
assembled on the topic of the future of search, to see what they think the top issues are that need to be addressed. In summary, they are:

  • Measurement: In particular, is search worth more than a click?
  • Search Alternatives: Does the industry need more than Google and Yahoo?
  • Better Understanding Of Search Behavior: How do searchers really interact with search pages and in actions post-search, inspired by search? We don’t know enough.
  • Privacy: As search integrates more into our lives, privacy issues grow. How is this addressed?
  • Search Evolution: As search goes vertical, will consumers miss the "old days" of 10 textual listings or be pleased by the evolutions to come?

Meanwhile in our forums, the SEM Industry Biggest Growing Pains thread is pulling in a
variety of comments about challenges to be addressed, including:

  • SEM’s bad reputation
  • Getting more mainstream/corporate acceptance of SEO
  • Lack of competition between Google and Yahoo
  • Need for better search interfaces
  • Need for better search marketing agency trade representation
  • Lack of support for organic listings
  • Brain drain as talented SEOs pull out of helping others to work for themselves
  • Assumption that SEO is "easy" when it’s more complicated than it seems
  • Lack of business knowledge by SEMs
  • Lack of standards/accreditation/references to back up SEM claims as professionals

Please come by the thread to contribute your own thoughts and comments!

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