Google Launches Consumer Ad Campaign In Kansas City

I asked Google last week for information about a new consumer marketing campaign I heard they were planning for Kansas City, to promote Google Local. Still waiting to hear
back for the official line on this. In the meantime, the ads have been spotted by at least one good citizen of Kansas City, as covered in
Google Advertises On The Radio at WebmasterWorld, as Search Engine Roundtable

Here’s a low-res look at the print ads that a contact sent me last week:


It’s hard to make out the bottom portions. They each show a search box followed by a location box, saying as best I can make out:

  • Mechanical bull bar, Cleveland Park, KS
  • Sony plasma television, ZIP code (can’t read the number)
  • Farmers market, Kansas City, MO

This campaign follows on Google campaigns aimed at consumers in Korea and
Japan that we’ve written about before. Safe to say, the idea that Google doesn’t advertise to reach
consumers can be safely put to bed now.

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