GoFish Releases myGoFish Music Playlist Sharing Feature

GoFish has launched a myGoFish service allowing people to upload digital music playlists and share them with others, as well as publish to their blogs. Playlists
automatically have album art, sample clips and meta data assigned to them.

I checked it out by uploading a playlist of nine songs about California that I have created in Windows Media Player. Four made it across fine. One, I had to manually edit
when the song wasn’t properly detected. The other four had to be deleted, as completely incorrect songs were substituted for what was in my playlist. The lookup tool worked
well to get the missing ones back in, all but Los Angeles Angels from Bright Blue
Gorilla. As far as GoFish is concerned, that song and artist don’t exist. Well, it is still in beta.

Here’s how the list looks, if you publish to your blog:

You also get it published on the GoFish site itself, like this. And then when someone searches, they can find
matching playlists. Do a search for "california" on GoFish, and you’ll find my playlist showing in the Playlists section of the results. Prefer to browse playlists or see how
you are ranked? Use the browse playlists page.

Here’s a tip. When you sign-in, the login page will ask for your user name. Instead, I found that you actually have to use your registered email address. Try that, if you
have problems. For more background on GoFish, see this past article from us: GoFish Multimedia Shopping Search:
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