Bloglines Adds Weather Forecasts

I just came across a new feature from Bloglines the delivers local weather forecasts and info. I then noticed that both the Bloglines Blog and the Ask Jeeves Blog have details.

Adding weather info as is simple as typing in the city name (I found forecasts from around the globe) or the Zip Code and then deciding where you want a seven day forecast to appear in your feeds. A box to enter a location is found on the Bloglines homepage or by going to
“My Feeds”, clicking the “Add” link and then selecting Weather. The weather feature is localized in the 8 different languages that Bloglines supports.

Note: If you’re entering the city name it’s a good idea to also enter the state name or country name since the same city name can be used in many states or in different countries. For example, Springfield’s are found in many states. Are you looking for Moscow, Russia (the deafault) or Moscow, Idaho?

At the end of March, Danny blogged about Bloglines launching a package tracking feature.

Both weather info and package tracking are part of a Bloglines initiative to create a “universal inbox.”

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