Engineers Running Rampant at Google

What’s Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s advice for getting new ideas flowing at Google? During a speech at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in San Francisco he said that letting the engineers “run rampant” is what works at the Googleplex.

The most clever ideas don’t come from the leaders, but rather from the leaders listening and encouraging and kind of creating a discussion,” he said. “Wander around and try to find the new ideas.”

He also told the audience that an open-door policy is best in the IT world.

“You want to see every conceivable demo, no matter how wacky it is,” he told the audience. “People love that. They get a chance to present to someone important like yourselves. All of a sudden the whole (corporate culture) becomes about leadership and innovation.”

Finally, Schmidt had a comment about a Google web browser speculation since the company recently hired a couple Mozilla engineers.

Schmidt downplayed this speculation Wednesday, saying that the Mozilla hires played into his company’s strategy of supporting both Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. “We have decided to work on a browser-independent strategy,” he said. “We don?t want to be specialized on any particular one, so that’s why these people are working at Google.”

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