New South African Web Engine Now Online

If you track regional search engines you might be interested in a new service that searches only pages from the South Africa named Funnel. The Mail and Guardian article, New SA search engine promises relevant results, provided a brief introduction.

Funnel has also introduced the country’s first “pay-per-click” advertising programme. “The key reason behind starting another search engine is guided by the fact that South Africa requires a more advanced and efficient channel through which business and non-business people can acquire information at the click of a button,” Funnel MD Gideon Galloway said.

Like Google, main search interface offers a second search button labeled, “Hot Spot” that takes the searcher direct to the first result, bypassing the results page. Web results entries included links to cached copy of page, similar pages, and a link to open the result in a new browser window. An advanced interface is also available that provides limiting by file format and site, backlink searching, and tweak the number of results visible on a results page. A url submission link is also provided.

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