Personalization for the Mobile Web Searcher

TheFeature’s Peggy Ann Salz conducts an interview with search engine personalization expert Barry Smyth about using personalization to improve the online experience of the mobile searcher by using informal communities.

TheFeature: Some argue that strong brands like Google and Yahoo! may cost mobile operators portal traffic since users may simply go to the search engine to locate content. How can your technology put operators on more even footing?

Smyth: The technology doesn’t have to reside in the search engine, so operators can provide it as an additional layer on top of the search engine. This approach allows operators to capture important information from the user communities and deliver better search results. But it could also go beyond better search to a whole list of value-adds.

You can learn more about Smyth’s work on his home page and from Changing Worlds, a company that’s developing personalization technology. Barry Smyth is CTO. Thanks to G.L. for the links.

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