A Google Ad Exchange Service? Domains Suggest It Might Happen

The Google Exchange from MarketWatch looks at the possibility of Google
offering some type of advertising exchange service. In other words, beyond putting its own ads across the web, Google might also serve as an
-like ad broker for others:

But imagine a more automated world in which online publishers place their inventory on Google’s exchange. Online advertisers could choose, in an a la carte format, where
they wanted to place their ads — whether they wanted to buy keywords across a number of sites, or if they wanted to simply choose a specific site. Google would sit in the
middle and take a cut of all the transactions.

The article is all pure speculation, of course. A Google rep is quoted, but declined to comment on whether Google would do this. But let me add some fuel to the fire in the
way of domain registrations by Google.

About two weeks ago, a holding company that Google has used to register names with in the past before moving the registration over to Google registered the following
domains that sound like they have some type of advertising exchange in the works.

also .info, .net, .org

also .info, .net, .org

also .info, .net, .org

also .info, .net, .org
(This one seems a bit odd given that MSN’s blogging service is named MSN Spaces)

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