BitTorrent Search Opens; Ask Jeeves Ads There Actually From Google

The BitTorrent search engine that Wired reported on Monday is now live on the
BitTorrent home page and at

When I ran a couple of searches this morning, it was very very slow. This is likely due to the amount of
publicity the engine has been receiving. Or maybe it’s all the people looking for the latest Star Wars
movie. This search brings back some likely hits for that.

On a related note, Wired is now reporting that the FBI has launched the "first criminal law
enforcement action against BitTorrent users" on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the US Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Jon Dudas spoke at a
sixth-grade graduation ceremony in Utah and warned the students:

"Illegally copying computer games, DVDs and other products is just as wrong as stealing these items from the store," Dudas said. "Copying and downloading Star Wars video
games and movies is not okay — it’s breaking the law because it is stealing someone else’s property. It’s important that people — especially children — show respect for
others’ property, whether it’s your next door neighbor, your classmate or a company that’s far, far away."

Meanwhile, the mystery of what type of ads Ask was going to provide is cleared up. BitTorrent Search is carrying ads from Google, from what we can tell. In other words, Ask
gets most of its keyword-targeted ads through a partnership with Google. With BitTorrent, it’s simply resyndicating these ads.

Postscript: I tried BitTorrent search again and its speed has greatly improved.

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