SafeSearch Doesn’t Work On Google Print & Can Full Book Preview Prevention Be Hacked?

I was running a few searches this morning with the new Google Print interface and noticed that Google’s SafeSearch (in strict mode)
doesn’t appear to work with this database, even though the help page for Google Print says it should.

With SafeSearch in strict mode, you aren’t supposed to be able to find pages that contain sexually explicit
material or terms. For example, (warning, explicit term involved!)
this web search brings back pages that linking data apparently
says are relevant for the term but which don’t actually contain this term themselves. That’s why you don’t see the term showing up in the titles and descriptions of these
pages, nor are you supposed to find it if you visit the pages themselves.

Compare to the same search (warning) done at Google Print. Pages that actually contain the
term do appear in the listing, and the term also appears in the search result descriptions.

Meanwhile, Nathan at InsideGoogle shows how he was able to read
the first 20 pages of a book by generating various queries. Combined with screenshots (you can make these of Google Print material), technically, you could print out a book.
However, there’s a chance that the book publisher in this case (O’Reilly, Amazon Hack is the book) may be allowing so many pages to be read.

Typically, when you hit a book result, you are allowed to go a few pages before and after the page you read. But that doesn’t mean that’s all you can read from the book.
Publishers can set a percentage of total pages they’ll allow to be browsed. The
real test is if someone can get to see all the page from a book that is known to have less than a 100 percent allowance.

Nevertheless, showing the first 20 pages will no doubt be worrisome, and it will be interesting to see if Google Print will manage to escape full-blown hacks. Part of the
prevention measure is forcing people to log-in to read some material, as the Google Print FAQ explains. That may
be in response to a hack from earlier this year that looked to prevent cookies from working as a means to
block full-book browsing. Amazon also requires users to log-in to use its Search Inside The Book feature.

After viewing about 50 pages from the book, “The Function of Newspapers in Society: A Global Perspective” this is what appeared on my screen:

You have reached your viewing limit for this book. You may continue browsing to view unrestricted or already viewed pages (view an unrestricted page), or visit the Table of Contents or About this Book pages.

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