Stanford Daily Removes Paid Links

In April, I wrote about how Stanford University’s student newspaper and many other student papers were
selling offtopic links to advertisers almost certainly trying to increase their search rankings. Blake Ross came across the situation this week and
noted it on his blog. In a new twist, he seems to have also found
WordPress-like doorway page spam, as well.
The Stanford Daily and search spam from Silicon Beat has fresh comments
from the Stanford Daily, with them saying they’d review the situation. That review seems to have happened, as Ross’s blog notes
the ads appear to have been removed. My previous summary of the situation is here: Stanford University’s Student
Paper & Selling Links
. If you’re a Search Engine Watch member, the longer version of that
goes into depth about the situation, with screenshots and a summary of what has been happening at other universities. Want to discuss? Visit our forum thread,
Stanford Daily Selling Links

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