Corrupt Editors? PageRank-less Categories? And Other ODP Problems

Last week, I talked about it perhaps being time for the Open Directory project to close or at least
radically change. Some follow-on news related to that. Trouble at the ODP from Jim Hedger at Search Engine
Guide is a nice overview of issues troubling the service, which many would nod their heads in agreement to. Jim covers submission backlogs and issues with editors.

As part of his coverage, he mentions the Corrupt DMOZ Editor blog, from someone calling themselves Ana Thema and who is
apparently an Open Directory editor. The qualifications are because there’s nothing on the site that lets you know if that’s the person’s real name.

Nevertheless, there is enough to make you feel they’ve got some type of connection.
DMOZ Editors Are Laughing at Your Submissions Behind Closed Doors has screenshots
of ODP editors discussing submissions and poking fun at some of them. It should be noted that the examples are from 2001 and 2003, so it’s not necessarily the current state at
the ODP.

Pros & Cons of a Dmoz Listing from Search Engine Roundtable takes a look at the common wisdom that you want
to be in the Open Directory. Are there cases where you might NOT want to be? Perhaps if you don’t want Google and Yahoo rewriting your description at times, is one reason.
Some categories don’t appear to be passing on Google PageRank value, as well. And a few other reasons, in the post.

Want to discuss? We’ve had some of these issues raised in the Editorial: The Lords of Ye ‘Olde ODP
thread on the Search Engine Watch Forums. Please comment there or feel free to start a new thread in our
Open Directory Project area

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