AdWords: Limits On Number Of Terms, How Terms Get Disabled & Negative Site Feature Info

A three-fer here from the Search Engine Watch Forums, on how Google may limit new accounts to the number of terms they can bid on, how terms may get disabled and some
examples on using the new site blocking feature for contextual campaigns.

AdWords Account Size Limitation in our Search Engine Watch Forums looks at how new AdWords accounts
can’t start out by dumping tons of words into a campaign. Google’s forum poster AdWordsRep offers good advice on why this is done, essentially to ensure those new don’t
overwhelm themselves. There aren’t set limits that Google has. But hit one? Contact Google support and ask for your limit to be raised, he says.

How many imps does a keyword get to run before it is "disabled?"
from the forums looks at a favorite "how low can you go" issue. If your ad doesn’t get enough
clicks, you may find it disabled. What’s the lower limit? Again, AdWordsRep comes in to explain. The limit can vary by term according to various factors. He then points to
some additional info from Google on keyword status types.

Google Content Starting Opt Out looks at the new site exclusion feature — or negative site feature
— that Google has rolled out for contextual ad campaigns. Can’t figure out how to use it? This helps, complete with a screenshot from member

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