Submitting To Yahoo’s Feed Search

Yahoo recently released a Publisher’s Guide To RSS that
formalizes some submission tips and procedures for feed owners. In Submitting RSS Feeds To
now out for Search Engine Watch members, I taking a closer look at how your RSS feed appears within
Yahoo’s feed search service. How are results sorted? Are you in the directory? How can you measure your feed popularity via Yahoo? Here’s a summary for non-members.

  • Submitting an RSS feed to Yahoo is easy. Just use this page.
  • After submitting, your feed should be available to anyone who searches for feeds from within My Yahoo via the Add Content
  • Feeds are ranked based on the content of their titles, descriptions and Yahoo popularity data.
  • You can also submit to the human-compiled directory of feeds on the Add Content page, under the "Browse By Topic"
    heading. Use this
  • Yahoo’s feed spider leaves behind popularity data for your feed, as Yahoo explains more here
  • Yahoo’s Popular From the Web category shows you the top 100 popular feeds, according to Yahoo.
  • Yahoo recommends using only one flavor of feed, but while it prefers
    RSS 2.0 for its own needs, you can use any you like. It just hopes site owners will use one to help avoid possible
    duplication of content.

The Submitting RSS Feeds To Yahoo story goes into greater depth for SEW
members on all of the points above.

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