“Hear” Selected RSS Feeds

Don’t feel like reading RSS feeds but would rather listen to them?

I just noticed that C.E.C. Systems, the company that provides Speegle, is offering a free service called Speakwire that allows you to have selected RSS feeds read to you using the same synthesized speech technology.

Using Speakwire is easy. Just click what feeds you would like to hear. Unfortuntately, you’re not able to Speakwire read “any” feed to you. The service currently makes over 80 feeds available including:
+ Threadwatch
+ Slashdot
+ BBC World News
+ New York Times Business News
+ Reuters Entertainment News

You can also have Speakwire remember (sets a cookie) what feeds you would like to have read.

Last Fall, Speegle, another service from C.E.C. Systems that allows you to have your Google search results read to you using one of three synthesized voices got a considerable amount of attention.

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