A Look at Last Week’s iMedia Agency Summit

In his new “Search This” column, Kevin Ryan provides an excellent in-depth review of what was discussed at the iMedia Agency Summit in Amelia Island last week.

Ryan lists the following areas as “hot topics” of discussion:

  • Google Bashing
  • Kevin wonders if, “an ego check is in order for Google?”

  • Advanced search targeting
  • “Everyone?s waiting to see what Microsoft will do next, and targeting seems to be the name of the game.”

  • Desktops and fraud and standards, oh my!
  • “As the desktop space evolves, the tools used for desktop search will have a direct influence on the ones used for web search and ultimately the advertisements associated with them.”

  • Insecticide for SEM
  • “Will feature-rich search be all the rage, or will a simple search box (a.k.a. boring search) on a page do the trick?”

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