PubSub Launches New Government Info Feed Service

PubSub has launched a new service today called PubSub Government today that allows the user to quickly track news and blog postings about the U.S. Federal government as well as all state governments.

Now, instead of having to pick and choose sources or develop keyword search strategies, the user can simply select from a long list of pre-built subscriptions to a constantly updated stream of news and comment about government officials and committees from PubSub’s database of sources.

Since time, effort, and often a lack of knowledge about how to build focused queries are often issues for many searchers, the idea of pre-building search queries for certain types of material and then making them easily accessible for the searcher (just click and go) is a very good idea.

One of the five laws of library science is, “save the time of the reader.” This new service plays precisely to that idea. I’ll spend some time with PubSub Government soon and will report back.

More info about PubSub and the new service in this news release.

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