New Article Looks at SEO “Gone Bad”

Companies subvert search results to squelch criticism from the Online Journalism Review looks how companies are trying to squash bad public relations in search engines.

From the article:

It’s not illegal, but it’s SEO gone bad. Companies such as Quixtar are using Google-bombing, link farms and Web spam pages to place positive sites in the top search results — which pushes the negative ones down.


“I don’t have any problem with search engine optimization, and businesses have every right to do it. But my complaint is that this is something that you don’t want everybody to know about, because you know that it’s deceitful, and it’s not about providing value for people. It’s not about providing a great information resource that will be the #1 site on the Web. It’s about flooding the Web with crap, and in that sewage, [they’re] going to bury everyone else. That’s my main concern. The implications go across to other businesses like Scientology.”
— Eric Janssen, proprietor of Quixtar Blog and online creative manager for the Memphis Commercial Appeal’s site

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