Google Rater Hub – Details Of Human Review System Unveiled

Google Secret Lab, Prelude
from Henk van Ess’s new
Search Bistro blog looks at how
Google uses human reviewers to improve search quality. Ess has a screenshot and
a Flash movie of how the system works, for Google’s temporarily hired Q&A
checkers. Very nice details so far that I’ve never seen posted anywhere before.
However, this type of system isn’t new.

WebCrawler used to have a feedback system like this back in the late 90s, and
other major search engines have had human reviewers, as well. Gather enough data
of what’s deemed good and bad, and the hope is that you can create a better
search algorithm to improve relevancy.

What almost certainly is not happening is that the human reviewers are
actually moving sites up and down with their ratings. Ess is promising more
details in future posts, so watch his blog. Want to discuss? Visit our forum

Secrets of revealed?

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