Interested in Evaluating Search Quality and Advertising for Google?

About three months ago I posted about Google looking for “quality raters” to evalaute advertising. These could be some of the people using the “reviewers hub” that Danny and Henk are talking about in their posts. According to a couple of job engines, some of these “temporary” and “off-site” positions to evaluate both “search quality” and advertising and are still available.

Here’s how the “search quality” position is described:

This is a temporary assignment at Google through ABE Services. ABE/Kelly Services are recruiting part-time remote workers to help with search quality evaluation on a project basis for Google, Inc., the search engine company based in Mountain View, California. Candidates must be web-savvy and analytical, have excellent web research skills and a broad range of interests. Specific areas of expertise are highly desirable. Participants in web evaluation projects must have a high speed internet connection. All work will be performed in the U.S. or Canada and participants must be able to demonstrate legal eligibility to work in one of those countries…n particular, applicants will be asked to draw on experience living, studying, and keeping in touch with Chinese (web) culture and language.

In a quick search this morning, I come across “quality rater” positions posted for people who speak the following languages:

+ Chinese Language
+ Dutch Language
+ French Language
+ German Language
+ Italian Language
+ Japanese Language
+ Korean Language
+ Spanish Language

Google is also looking for temporary workers to evaluate “ad quality. Positions for German and French speakers are also still posted.

Update: Many of these same positions along with a few “quality evaluation” positions are also listed on the Google job opportunities page. (Thanks M.N.)

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