The Other Local Search: Craigslist

You’ve heard plenty about how general purpose search engines like Google and Yahoo are developing local search. They want good local listings that will pull in users, so
they can in turn deliver up local ads. But if you’re thinking local, you probably should also be thinking Craigslist. No, it doesn’t
scan the entire web. However, people in various local communities contribute apartment rentals listings, items for sale and other information around a geographic point.

What eBay
Could Learn From Craigslist
out today from the New York Times looks at how the grassroots service has grown and remained largely ad-free. It’s a counter-balance to those
who want to charge for listings, like eBay, in the same way Google is a challenge to search engines that was to charge for inclusion of some listings, such as Yahoo.
Mr. Craigslist, Master of the Nerdiverse from Wired last year is another good, longer read about the

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