SingingFish Adds New Video Content Partners

Stefanie Olsen has written an article about SingingFish, the multimedia search engine that’s owned by AOL, adding several new video content partners. Olsen is correct when she points that AOL has a treasure chest of video and multimedia content to tap into via Time Warner, AOL’s owner. In fact, CNN (a Time Warner company) is one of the new SingFish partners.

New SingingFish video content partners include:

  • CNN
  • iFilm
  • Atom-Films
  • Like Television
  • MarketWatch
  • The One Network

SingingFish allows you to search metadata associated with each video clip and then stream the clip online. This is the same situation at Yahoo Video with one exception. Yahoo does allow you to keyword search each and every word spoken on Bloomberg Business Television (using the closed captioning) and then view the video online. BlinkxTV uses speech recognition technology to let you keyword search every word spoken and view online content from many content partners including Sky News, C-SPAN, and the BBC. Blinkx.TV also allows you to use their speech recognition technology to search some video content from CNN. However, you have to subscribe to CNN’s video online video service to actually view the content.

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