What About a Yahoo Web Browser?; Meet the Chief “People” Yahoo

Two brief items from the Yahoo beat.

1) On Friday, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, said in an interview that a Yahoo Browser might “make sense” in the future.

You could look to Yahoo to do most everything that makes sense on the Internet going forward,? Semel said. Developing a browser might make sense ?at some point in time,? he said.

Semel also believes that that advertising and subscription services are still in their infancy. More in the Bloomberg article: Hit parade might grow if Yahoo adds browser.

2) You’re likely aware of the fact that Jerry Yang’s title is “Chief Yahoo.” However, did you know that Yahoo also has a “Chief People Yahoo?” Today’s San Jose Mercury News has a package of articles, interviews, and audio with this person. Her name is Libby Sartain and her official title is, senior vice president of human resources at Yahoo but she prefers the title of “Chief People Yahoo.”

The Yahoo Browser Exists from Jeremy Zawodny notes there is an actual Yahoo browser already. So either Semel was unaware of it or he understood that perhaps a more standalone, non-cobranded offering may have been what the reporter was asking about.

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