Google Sitemaps Gains List Of Supporting Programs & Web Sites

Via Google Blogoscoped, news that Google has added a new
Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites page that lists third party programs and web sites relating to Google
Sitemaps. It’s a much welcomed resource, as support for sitemaps has been springing up from various vendors. Expect that the page will grow further. I see some things not on
the list and will be sending across contributions that I’ve spotted. Use the contact link at the bottom of the page if you wish to contribute or be listed, as well. Oddly, the
page doesn’t appear linked off the main Google Sitemaps page itself. For more info on Google Sitemaps, see the
FAQ, our Google Sitemaps Q&A from
when it launched and our continuing forum thread that lists a variety of programs, answers and information:
Google Sitemaps Now Accepting Web Page Feeds

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