Google Scholar Link Showing Up For University Users

On Google Scholar noted that some going to Google from within university campuses were seeing a
new Google Scholar link on the Google home page. Google confirms this is the case.

We have been offering Google Scholar as a tab [link] for the .edu domain for a few weeks now. We have expanded this to a larger set of universities. This includes a large number
of universities around the world, not just .edu.

In other words, if Google can tell you are coming from within an institution using IP addresses that resolve to an .edu domain, or from a list of universities it chooses to
target, then you’ll see a new "Scholar" link on the Google home page, as the screenshot shows below:

Thanks to CKP for the screenshot!

We asked Google if there was a way for those who wanted to
add the Scholar link to the home page to do so if it doesn’t show up automatically, but the company didn’t respond. We think it would be a good idea.

For that matter, if would be nice if people could pick and choose exactly what links they want on the home page, given that Google offers a
variety of search services that aren’t normally shown. Perhaps that’s something the
Google personalized home page launched last month will allow, as it matures.

FYI, Yahoo’s pure search page has an edit option just above the search box that lets you add and remove links to many of the
company’s vertical search services. A9 also allows you to pick-and-choose from hundreds of sources.

Postscript: Gary points out that you can also do something similar on the main Yahoo home page, if you are logged in as a registered user. Look for the very small
edit link in the upper right hand corner. That will let you change three of the home page "buttons" to the left of the Yahoo logo to whatever you’d like.

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