Replacement For Jux2: DoubleTrust

We loved Jux2, the meta search engine that let you compare search results from major search engines. It sadly closed last month, as we
reported earlier. However, DoubleTrust is a new service that offer
similar features.

DoubleTrust lets you enter a query, then see the “intersection” of the top 40 results from Google and Yahoo, the pages that are listed in both places. You also see the
“orphans,” sites unique to only Yahoo or Google.

The table format used to display results is pretty cool. You don’t get descriptions (unless you hover over displayed URLs), but you do get to see the size for each page
listed (along with a size bar), the top level domain it belongs to (.com, .org, etc), and the site’s
, a calculation of how trusted DoubleTrust thinks the site is based on the position it ranks for at Google and Yahoo. Google and Yahoo ranks are also shown, as

When you search, you can also skew TrustRank to favor either Google or Yahoo results, using the drop-down box on the home page. By default, you “trust them equally.” But
you can do things like “really really trust Google” or mark Yahoo as “the best.”

Like the service? If you’re running Firefox, there’s a plug-in to add it to your search bar.
You can also keep up with news via the DoubleTrust Experimental Search blog.

GrabAll, spotted via
Phil Bradley, isn’t as innovative as DoubleTrust but still worth a look. Do a search, and you’ll be shown results from two search engines side-by-side. Other tools have
offered this before, so it’s a new one to add to that list. By default, you get Google and Yahoo. You can change the priorities to whatever you want

Don’t forget. The new Dogpile tool gives you comparisons as well. You can use the Dogpile Missing Pieces service it offers
and see results by three major search engines divided up in dartboard-style fashion. Dogpile itself of course blends results and has new integrated tools to let you compare.
Chris Sherman provided more details in his write-up from last May, Dogpile Enhances Meta Search, Offers
Comparison Tools

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