C’mon In Brand Owners, The Search Water’s Fine

It’s not all about conversions, in the search marketing game. I was at a conference two months ago where a brand marketer said he didn’t care about conversion. He wanted
brand impact and was willing to pay for it, to the horror and fear of the mostly conversion-driven audience.

Horror? Dump those big brand dollars into a marketplace mostly driven by conversions, and the pricing goes all out of whack — at least for the conversion folks. But brand
marketers remain wary of search for many reasons, in particular because it’s a strange creature.

Brand Engagement Via Search Marketing from Kevin Lee at ClickZ provides some ideas to
understand how search may fit in as part of the message, rather than the complete message. And conversion-driven folks, don’t come after him from inviting those with the big
brand money to throw everything off. After all, as he concludes, if you measure more than just the conversion, you might find you’ve got more to spend.

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