Google & Yahoo Make List of Top Growth Brands; What the Public Envisions for These Companies

Forbes and Vivaldi Partners have just published their list of the 20 brands that, “have the best extension opportunities according to consumer perceptions.” eBay,, Google, and Yahoo all made the list.

Vivaldi Partners, a marketing consulting firm based in New York, recently put together a list of the 20 best growth brands for Forbes. They tested these brands with more than 4,500 consumers worldwide to gauge “how far each brand could extend given consumer perceptions.” The survey asks consumers whether they think the brand can move into many different categories, only related product categories or has limited reach. Vivaldi then asked which specific products consumers could envision the brand offering.

Top 10:

  1. Apple (Brand Value up 38% over 4 years
  2. Blackberry (Brand Value up 36% over 4 years)
  3. Google (Brand Value up 36% over 4 years)
  4. Amazon (Brand Value up 35% over 4 years)
  5. Yahoo (Brand Value up 34% over 4 years)
  6. eBay (Brand Value up 31% over 4 years)
  7. Red Bull (Brand Value up 31% over 4 years)
  8. Starbucks (Brand Value up 25% over 4 years)
  9. Pixar (Brand Value up 24% over 4 years)
  10. Coach (Brand Value up 23% over 4 years)

So, what services could people see Google offering in the future to extend and expand their brand?

  • Dating network
  • Children’s toys
  • Videogames
  • Instant messenger

Yes, now even the public is starting to think about a Google IM client (-: and I’ve read that some people use Google’s recent acquisition, to help meet possible future dates. (-:

…and from Yahoo?

  • Banking
  • Cell Phone Services
  • Coffee Houses
  • Yahoo! Brand Clothing

Yahoo has announced plans to begin online banking in Japan. Perhaps, we’ll be able to do Yahoo banking while sipping a latte at the Yahoo coffee house around the corner. Of course, you’ll need to be seen wearing some cool Yahoo jeans and shirts. (-:

Much more in the article .

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