FAST Web Search Is Back Via New Miva Editorial Results

Miva — the newly rebranded company encompassing FindWhat and Espotting — has
launched its own editorial or "algorithmic" results to compliment the paid listings it offers.

The results are currently only being offered to Miva partners in France and Germany. A press release is

The move harkens back to the Overture deals of Feb. 2003 to purchase AltaVista (Overture To Buy
) and AllTheWeb (Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division).

Overture made those deals after finding the lack of an all-in-one solution — editorial and paid results — was a factor in it losing the AOL partnership deal to Google in
2002. Said then Overture CEO Ted Meisel in an investor conference call at the time:

"We have seen opportunities come and go that we would have liked to have won. We didn’t have the full search solution our partners were looking for," Meisel said, during
last week’s call about AllTheWeb. "Those are the opportunities we would seek to reclaim."

Ironically, the AllTheWeb purchase seemed to have quashed plans Espotting had at that time to expand a deal it had inked with FAST to provide an all-in-one solution. FAST
seemed to have sold off its entire web search division to Overture — itself later purchased by Yahoo.

Despite the sale, FAST still kept its core search technology and has been allowed to offer search
services to others. That’s something you’d think Overture would have restricted. The failure to do this means despite the purchase of 2003, FAST is still out there competing
with Yahoo.

Aside from the deal today, FAST recently had a big victory in January when it beat both Google and Yahoo
as possible partners to power local search at AOL.

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