Search Engine Domain Seizures In Australia

Misspelled Google case may end up in court from ZDNet Australia covers how Australian
search engine marketer Peter Bojanac is considering a lawsuit against the au Domain Administration (auDA) for the domain
that he registered but was “confiscated” by auDA.

The regulator’s chief executive Chris Disspain said it was an obvious misspelling of Google and therefore its registration was against his organisation’s domain
policy…”They’re in the process of deleting that domain name,” he said. “I’ve requested the return of it, otherwise I’ll take legal action against them.” “Google have a
trademark on ‘Google’. They don’t have a trademark on ‘Googl’,” he pointed out.

Earlier this month, auDA seized more than 1,000 domains from the Ansearch Australian search engine. More on that in this article from ZDNet Australia,
auDA confiscates dodgy Ansearch domains. Our forum thread
Beta Search Engine to be launched in Australia had some discussion and criticism of the registrations
back in November.

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