A post on John’s blog talks about a open-letter to Google from a blog that covers the porn industry:
An Open Letter to Google RE: Online Payments. It asks the Googleplex to “embrace” the
industry since PayPal hasn’t.

I’ll leave that discussion to others, at least for the present time. However, it’s worth noting that all major search engines to our knowledge carry porn ads already.
Google’s even been criticized for taking porn ads but not gun ads (an
issue with Yahoo, as well). And as Danny
wrote yesterday, sex and porn still seem among the top terms searched for. Handling porn payment
transactions is another thing entirely, of course.

If Google were thinking about getting into porn in some way, at least it’s got a good domain for it. was
registered by Google in 2002. It also owns, registered by Google in 2003. Perhaps it was thinking
of a mega merger back then and preparing on the porn front.

It’s more than likely that Google registered these and other domains as a defensive measure (check out to see what I mean, but not if you’re a sensitive
person) and to perhaps help with spam reduction efforts.

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