Google Insiders Sell and Make Huge Profit

The Mercury News article: Bonanza from Google stock’s rise, reports on the more than $2.1 billion Google “insiders” have realized since the company went public last August.

In May, Googlers sold just shy of $400 million of stock, second nationwide only to the $515 million in sales by Microsoft insiders, according to Bloomberg News data.Since the Mountain View company’s IPO, Page and Brin have sold stock worth $619 million and $589 million, respectively, while Schmidt’s sales have totaled about $191 million. In May, Page and Brin sold 400,000 shares each, fetching $93 million and $90 million, respectively. Schmidt sold $29 million. Page and Brin have sold similar numbers of shares in June, too. Thanks to the stock’s steady rise, the sales totaled nearly $116 million for Brin and $111 million for Page.

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