A Search Marketer’s Look At Yahoo My Web 2.0

For Search Engine Watch members, I’ve posted
A Search Marketer’s Look At Yahoo My Web 2.0, which looks at how search marketers may —
or may not — have an impact on Yahoo’s new My Web 2.0 system that Chris Sherman covered yesterday.
Among the topics I address:

  • The difference between "regular" Yahoo versus Yahoo My Web 1.0 and 2.0 from the perspective of what a searcher sees.
  • A revisit of how My Web 1.0’s block and save links work.
  • How My Web 2.0 pushes down "regular" results, making it important to understand My Web 2.0 better. A screenshot from the story speaks volumes about this. Regular Yahoo is
    on the left, and Yahoo for a My Web 2.0 user is on the right:


  • How My Web 2.0 users are more likely to detour into My Web 2.0 results.
  • How My Web 2.0 result listings are generated uniquely for each user based on what they and their community saves.
  • How the MyRank system uses a person’s community to rank keyword-driven search results, along with other key factors.
  • How tagged results are the way to see what "everyone" is interested in and how searchers will probably end up in the most popular tags.
  • How the tags currently seem extremely vulnerable to tag cloud bombing, with an example of me pushing the two highlighted tags below into the top results with little


  • How Yahoo might solve the problem, along with how it says more defenses are going into place (see also
    this article
    I’ve posted for everyone today on tagging issues).
  • An long-term strategy to ensure your fresh content is feeding into tag areas in an appropriate, searcher-friendly manner.
  • How the tags are effectively about to become the world’s largest collection of Free For All link pages but how that might also change.
  • More tips on how to import and feed content into the system, including the need to use RSS 1.0 rather than RSS 2.0 currently, if you want to import categories to become
  • The wish for Yahoo to roll out a "Save To My Web" button that you can feature to your visitors similar to the
    Add To My Yahoo button
    already offered that site owners can display to visitors and tips on getting saved until that
  • How to appropriate extend your network or reach others who may want to see your content.
  • Making use of notes for reputation management
  • How the trust network will grow to impact ranking of all Yahoo results, not just My Web ones.

Though written for marketers in mind, anyone interested in more about how the My Web 2.0 system works should find the article useful. As said, it’s offered to those who
support Search Engine Watch by becoming members — support that’s greatly appreciated by your hard working
editors over here!

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Web 2.0 & MyRank

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