Search Retailers Versus Search Marketers

Are you all about getting sales from search engines? If so, Kevin Lee in Search Engine Sales vs.
Search Engine Marketing
at ClickZ wonders if you really are a search marketer rather than engaging in what he calls “search engine sales.” A better analogy is probably
this. You run a store, and you’re all about getting sales through the store. Everything you do revolves around whether you see an immediate impact on sales. In short, you’re a
savvy retailer. But are you a savvy marketer, pondering how over the long-term, you might build up your brand or visibility to bring in sales in a more strategic way? “Search
retailers” generating traffic might find some bids and tactics that others are doing seem crazy. But if those people are long term “search marketers,” they may have a plan
that fits in with the costs being incurred.

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