Launches Product News Search, the shopping vertical that offers a “focused” database containing product reviews and other buying information, (see SearchDay’s positive review from April 2005) has launched a new service today that provides up-to-the minute news headlines about products and services found in the database.’s News Search provides information on new product offerings, safety warnings, product recalls, and a wide range of shopping-related content. The news search is conducted automatically every time you enter a term into the research box. Links to relevant news articles are displayed directly below the search box in response to a search conducted on Links to news articles are displayed only when articles of interest to shoppers are available.”

About a month ago, released a dynamic search term suggestion feature.

I’ve mentioned in past blog entries that one of the “Five Laws of Library Science” is to “save the time of the reader.” Services like News Search seem to be embracing this idea in the age when lots of reading takes place online and clicking from one site or service to the next often wastes valuable time.

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