New UK TV Programme Search Site

TV Genius is a new site for those searching for TV shows in the UK. No, it won’t show you video. It’s
just a way to search through programme listings you might be looking for. TV guide applies search approach to
from Netimperative has more details on the service. I found it hit and miss.

A search for
initially brought up no listings, despite the fact that because of my
two small boys, I know they’re showing that cartoon series on various channels. Then I tried
energon, which found one
of the Transformers series currently showing on Toonami. Searching again for
transformers then
brought up both the Transformers series showing on Toonami and Jetix. Oddly, a search on
transformer didn’t
bring up either of those but did find Transformers: Armada, which was showing on Sky One. That’s ended now, but I did like the fact I could be emailed for when it returns.

Now if only it could tell me when the new series of JAG finally makes it over here. What it
shows as first run on FX already ran several months ago.

I took a quick look at some other TV listings sites I’d heard about for the UK, to see how TV Genius stacks up. Yahoo’s TV search failed to find the Toonami and Jetix
showings but did bring up a series on Fox Kids UK (which may very well be
Jetix but misnamed). Onthebox found some of the Jetix showings but missed many of the Toonami
ones. Radio Times seemed like it should be promising, but the "your request cannot be fulfilled at the moment" message certainly put me off.
DigiGuide looked good, but there’s a fee for more than 10 listings.

Overall, none of these services beats the keyword-searchable programme guide built into my Windows Media Centre PC. That’s awesome.

Postscript: In the US? Gary recently blogged about MeeVee, a new searchable television guide.

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