I Was Unfairly Ousted From Yahoo Via DMCA! Plus, How To Oust When They Deserve It

A twofer here, the story of someone who found they got removed from Yahoo via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act but can’t get a copy of the complaint, while how you
might use the DMCA against those you feel deserve it.

Spotted via Threadwatch, DMCA: The
New Blackhat for Yahoo! search
from Brain Turner looks at how a DMCA complaint got him dumped out of Yahoo. The company confirmed he was removed but won’t apparently
provide any details of what was in the complaint. In contrast, Google makes all such complaints public.

That evil DMCA! Then again, it’s pretty handy for those times someone has stolen your content and refuses to remove it. The DMCA won’t get the content off the web, but
Jenstar in our forums explains how it can very quickly at least starve that content of search oxygen. The
What to do when someone steals your original content
thread she started runs down the options in a comprehensive fashion.

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