Yahoo HotJobs Enhanced By New Job Engine

Several sources including and the Yahoo Search
point out that HotJobs (a Yahoo company) is now using Yahoo’s web crawler to enhance HotJobs own database with job listings
posted on various sites and job boards across the internet. Yahoo calls the new feature its Job

This is similar to what Simply Hired and are already providing. In fact, both of
these services include listings posted on HotJobs itself. Feedster also offers a jobs database that culls employment opportunities
found in RSS feeds.

Note to Yahoo: It would be useful if you joined Simply Hired
and in providing the underlying source site or database for each listing. This info can help a job seeker
make sure their search is comprehensive but can alert them to resources they might not know about.

By the way, another way to access’s database is via the "jobs" tab on Clusty. This way you can take advantage of
Clusty’s dynamic clustering to help spot potential
job opportunities. and Clusty began their partnership in May.

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