National Public Radio Reports on Yahoo’s Entertainment Play

NPR’s Morning Edition program ran a six minute report today focusing on where Yahoo has been and where the company is headed, specifically in the world of media and entertainment.

You’ll hear comments from:

  • Terry Semel
  • Jerry Yang
  • Rob Hayes, a senior vp at Showtime
  • Paul Saffo, Director, Institute for the Future

Saffo says, “The cell phone will give us a new form of video experience and I bet Yahoo is in there first.”

You can listen to the report here.

Two quick comments of my own:
+ A minor gripe. The report says that Yahoo has had more of a human touch (say Yahoo News) vs. Google’s algorithmic search engine. However, no mention that Yahoo also offers an algorithmic search engine as one of their many services.
+ At about 1:40 seconds into the story, the reporter mentions that Yahoo’s homepage looks nothing like Google’s. It’s cluttered, Sydell says. Cluttered and busy is something that I hear all of the time as a reason people don’t use Yahoo as a web search tool. Yet, Yahoo does offer an alternative. As I said last week, they need to do more to promote their uncluttered “clean” interface as a customizable alternative to the main Yahoo home page.

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