Claria Planning “Behavioral Search Platform”

Claria, the company formerly known as Gator, is getting into the search game with a forthcoming site that will use searcher behavior rather than link analysis as a primary measure of relevance. From the press release:

“The technology incorporates basic metrics such as click rates, as well as critical post-click metrics of consumer behavior – such as time spent viewing a site, number of pages viewed at a site, number of return visits to a destination Web site, historical interests based on Web-wide surfing habits, and conversion behavior. While in the past Claria utilized RelevancyRank technology solely to benchmark and evaluate other search engine results, this alpha release marks the first time this technology has been incorporated into a search engine platform.”

The alpha Web site, which will be available in July, will be password protected and limited to a small test group, with a public beta expected in Q4 of this year.

More information is available from the press release. See also Claria Debuts RelevancyRank: Search Ranking By Behavioral Activity for more background from us on the RelevancyRank system.

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