A Couple of My Favorite Mobile Web Tools

I’m often asked about the tools and sites I use for keeping up while on-the-go. So allow me to point out two favorite services.

Yahoo Alerts via SMS
In addition to the just launched Yahoo SMS search tool, Yahoo also offers keyword news and several other types of info alerts delivered to your phone or mobile device via SMS. I’ve been using some of these services for well over a year with just about zero problems. The “breaking news alerts” keep me in the loop as news about “major” stories occurs.

Bloglines Mobile
Here’s a suprise (not) Bloglines Mobile is superb. Feeds look great on my mobile browser. Using it allows me to catch-up with news when I have a few spare minutes. Bloglines Mobile is simply a different interface to your “regular” Bloglines account. So, syncing what you’ve seen while on-the-go vs. at your main computer is not an issue. Actually, lately I’ve only been using the web version of Bloglines to add feeds. Bloglines Mobile (via my Treo 650) is now the primary way I check my RSS feeds at home or on the road. RSS and mobile access to info work well together.

Of course, these are just two of many useful “mobile” tools out there. I’ll do my best to post about others in the coming weeks.

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