SEO Roadshow Coming To Edinburgh

Now that the Live8 bunch have cleared out of Edinburgh, it’s safe for the SEO bunch to move in. Coming to the city on September 10 is the second annual
SEO Roadshow. Agenda? We don’t need no stickin’ agendas say Roadsters. It’s purely a networking event, where people drink and talk
and drink. Registration?
We don’t need no stickin’ registration. It’s invite only. How to get invited? Well, Nick gives a little advice over at
Threadwatch on dropping a quiet word with the right people. Want to discuss? Visit our forum thread,
Roadshow Edinburgh
. I made it to the one in London next year and am pretty sure I’ll shoot up north of the border for the 2005 event. FYI, Copenhagen
looks to be the 2006 gathering point.

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