New from Bloglines: Subscription Suggestions and UI Translations

Bloglines has just launched a new service called Quick Pick Subscriptions service that allows users to quickly find blogs that they might be interested in subscribing to.

The Quick Pick Subscriptions page consists of two boxes. One box contains a selected list of blog titles organized into 37 categories. Category titles include:

  • Fashionista
  • Gadget Freak
  • Hard Core Gamer
  • News Hound
  • Webmaster

The other box provides a list of that day’s Top 50 subsciptions. All a user needs to do is select one or more titles of interest from these boxes and a subscription to the blog(s) will be added to their Bloglines account.

Also, translations of the Bloglines UI are now available in Italian and Dutch. You’ll find links to them and other UI translations listed under the “Choose your language” header on the on the Bloglines homepage.

Postscript: I checked several relevant categories to see if our blog was listed. Sorry to report, I didn’t find a link. Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

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