Microsoft Sues Google Over China Hire

It’s time to take the Google vs. Microsoft rivalry to court.

In my post earlier today about Google expanding their presence in China by opening a research lab, I noted that Google had hired Dr. Kai-Fu Lee away from Microsoft where he was serving as a corporate vice president.

Well, it didn’t take long for the folks in Redmond to sue Dr. Lee claiming he’s breaching the Microsoft employee confidentiality and non-compete agreements by joining Google.

From a ZDNet article:

Microsoft spokeswoman Stacy Drake said in an e-mail. “We are asking the court to require Dr. Lee and Google to honor the confidentiality and non-competition agreements he signed when he began working for Microsoft.”

In an email to SEW, Google’s David Krane tells us:

“We have reviewed Microsoft’s claims and they are completely without merit. Google is focused on building the best place in the world for great innovators to work. We’re thrilled to have Dr. Lee on board at Google. We will defend vigorously against these meritless claims and will fully support Dr. Lee.”

Postscript: Dirson points to comments about the lawsuit from an ex-Microsoftie now working at Google.

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