It’s All in the Name: IceRocket Will Become BlogScour

Looking for more weblog/feed search news? If the answer is yes, here’s a link to the article: Mark Cuban to relaunch IceRocket.

According to the story, IceRocket’s new name will be BlogScour. No word as to what will happen to the other search services IceRocket offers. At the moment, shows the IceRocket home page.

What will set BlogScour apart from the other blog/feed engines out there? Here’s what the article has to say:

The revised IceRocket is expected to be unique among the other search engines in that every search entry has a thumbnail of the home page of the listing.

I’m not sure (understatement) that just offering a static image of a home page is going to be enough.

The article doesn’t mention if BlogScour will implement any new search technology (improved crawl, improved precision, better relevance, personalization, etc.).

Postscript: Nick reports the BlogScour will be a standalone site and that IceRocket will remain online. However, we still don’t know if BlogScour will be something different (in terms of technology, crawl, etc.) or just a new standalone version of the blog/feed search that IceRocket already offers?

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