Do Or Die Domain Name Registration Soars

Kevin Murphy’s Computer Business Review article Pay-per-click speculation market soaring takes a look at numbers from VeriSign that show hundreds of thousands of domain names are being registered each week, “purely to publish pay-per-click advertising links from the likes of Google Inc and Yahoo.”

There are close to a quarter of a million domain names a week being registered for just a few days, while people “test” the traffic potential of those names before discarding them, chief executive Stratton Sclavos told analysts yesterday… “Names are being bought and then tested against traffic analyzers,” Sclavos said. “The ones that can generate more than the $6 or $7 [registration] fee per year are kept, the other ones are returned within the five day grace period.” These speculators basically put up collections of Google Adsense or Yahoo Overture text advertising links that are more or less relevant to the topic indicated by the URL. Whenever someone comes across the site and clicks a link, the owner gets paid.

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