litefeeds: A New RSS/XML Aggregator for the Mobile Web

I said a few weeks ago that Bloglines Mobile is one of my favorite resources when I use my Treo 650. Things change quickly in web world but as of today, Bloglines Mobile remains a favorite. However, I’ve just learned of litefeeds, a new mobile web RSS/XML service that I’m going to try out. I’ll post more about litefeeds after I have some time to use try it out.


  • litefeeds requires a small download direct to your Java Phone/SmartPhone, Blackberry, Palm or PocketPC.
  • All configuration (adding,organizing etc) is done online so you never have to type anything on your mobile device.
  • Feeds are cached, compressed, and stripped so that they are mobile optimized. If it’s not a full text feed, you can click and then view an optimized version of the actual post.
  • Ability to view Flickr/Buzznet images.
  • Option to clip articles to an “online clipboard” and create a feed of clips.

litefeeds comes from Vancouver-based Webpost.

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