Technorati Founder and CEO Chats with BusinessWeek

Technorati’s Founder and CEO, David Sifry, chats with BusinessWeek about competition from the “big guys”, system architecture, growing pains, advertising, and a new service aimed at “people who need a deeper view of a company or its products.”

From the interview:

BusinessWeek: You say you welcome competition from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, should they decide to offer blog search. Why would you welcome such Net heavyweights as rivals?

David Sifry: The larger question is, is it really competition? I look at what Google and Yahoo and other companies in this space are doing, and they’re really fantastic at helping you pick out what’s the best reference site for something. You go to Google and type in wine, and it will tell you the best places to buy wine. But if you really want to find out what the world’s leading wine experts are talking about, Google isn’t really built to do that.

Unfortunately, you’ll not read about what Technorati is doing to combat the rapidly increasing amount of blog and feed spam out there. Also, no info about what criteria Sifry and crew use to reach the currently posted number of more than 14 million blogs that Technorati claims to be tracking.

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