Ruling Soon In Dispute Over Microsoft Exec With “Playbook” At Google

Google: Microsoft Suit Is ‘Charade’ Aimed
At Scaring People
from Dow Jones covers court arguments in the fast moving tussle between Google and Microsoft over Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the former Microsoft exec now at
heading Google China. Arguments were heard yesterday with some interesting revelations and accusations, and a ruling may come today.

Google says Lee had no real connection to search at Microsoft, so issues over a non-compete aren’t an issue. Microsoft says the opposite, and that Lee is leaving with
Microsoft’s Google "competition playbook."

Lee also says Microsoft chair Bill Gates warned him he’d be sued, apparently to make an example of him to others who might be thinking of jumping ship to Google.

You’ve got to feel sorry for Yahoo in all this. Why? They are a serious thread to Microsoft as well, but executives attended a "The Google Challenge" meeting in March, the
arguments say.

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