Yahoo Partners With ITV & Rounding Up TV Search Partners In The UK

News from Yahoo that ITV — on of the UK’s major television channels — will be featuring Yahoo search results, search ads and contextual
ads on its site. At the moment, search listings appear to come from Miva — the former Espotting.

FYI, Yahoo also has a presence with the BBC, which operates the UK’s two most popular terrestrial (broadcast over the air) channels. That’s Yahoo’s search technology under
the hood over at the BBC, or at least that’s been the situation for some time. Paid inclusion is stripped out, and there are no ads (this
is the BBC, after all) and the ranking algorithm gets tweaked.

A Day In The Life Of BBCi Search from Martin Belam is an older (2003) look at the service but still
a good read. I haven’t heard that Yahoo’s been replaced, and I was just up at the BBC about three months ago, so I think things are still going along as before. Check out
Martin’s more recent posts on search and the BBC,
as well.

How about Channel 4, the other major UK broadcast channel. No web search at all, it seems. To busy doing Big Brother edition 201 to think about it, I supposed. Well, no
doubt Yahoo and Google will stumble over themselves to swoop in soon.

That leaves five, the last major UK channel that never has anything worth watching other than the occasional good cartoon in Milkshake.
The all-graphic home page has no search box and digging in further shows nothing.

Now Sky, there’s a much more major network than five, especially in bringing me US imports only a few months after they show in the US (and we got Battlestar Galactica
first, yeah!). That’s all on Sky 1, which lots of people take — but Sky runs a number of other channels plus the UK’s most popular satellite TV system. Search partner on the
Sky web site? Nada that I see. Someone make Rupert an offer!

Finally, once again I have no luck finding the actual Yahoo press release of the news online, so I’ll cut and paste below. All PR people everywhere. Put the release online!
And send a URL to the online version as part of the release you send. Yahoo’s far from the online one at fault like this.


Yahoo! provides a suite of its award winning search technology, alongside
search monetisation products from it?s Overture subsidiary

London, July 28, 2005 ? Yahoo! UK & Ireland Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), today announced an agreement with ITV, the UK?s biggest
commercial television network to provide search technology, sponsored search and contextual advertising on users visiting sites such as,,, dedicated programming websites for I?m A Celebrity?Get Me Out Of Here! along with other
sites within ITV Online?s portfolio will benefit from a Yahoo! Search box at the top of each page on the website. Visitors to the site will be able to search the wealth of
content within the website or extend their search to include the World Wide Web, including image, video and news content.

In addition to Yahoo?s Search box, the site will also display Overture?s sponsored search listings on both the search results page and throughout the site as
contextual advertising.

?We are pleased to be working with ITV, one of the UK?s biggest media properties,? said Rob Jonas, Head of Business Development, Yahoo! Search, UK & Ireland. ?This
agreement demonstrates the growing strength of our search technology, as well as our commitment to work with partners to deliver compelling search user experiences. This
should be the first of what we hope will be many agreements with popular online properties.?

Commenting on the deal, Jeremy Rosenberg, Online Sales Account Manager at ITV Sales said: ?The ITV integrated search partnership with Yahoo is the first time has
fully embraced all elements of search functionalities. The integrated approach will be setup within the look and feel of each ITV section and searches will be tailored to our
user profile and habits to ensure optimisation and relevancy. ITV are looking forward to building the partnership with Yahoo and to look at other opportunities.?

In addition, Yahoo! will also include all of diverse and continually changing online content through its content acquisition programme. This will ensure that
Yahoo! UK & Ireland users will benefit by being able to easily find, for example, comprehensive online information about their favourite TV programmes from Coronation Street
to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Notes to editor:

Content Match is Overture?s contextual advertising product that embeds relevant search results on content-based pages, featuring sponsored search listings generated by the
company?s growing worldwide base of 100,000 advertisers.

  • Yahoo! Search recently won two awards from Search Engine Watch for outstanding search service and best image search.
  • Yahoo! Search is focused on providing innovative, useful technologies that enable people to find, use, share, and expand knowledge.

About Yahoo! UK & Ireland

Yahoo! UK & Ireland is a subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc., the No. 1 Internet brand globally and the most trafficked internet destination worldwide. Yahoo! provides online
products and services essential to consumers’ lives, and offers a full range of tools and marketing solutions for businesses to connect with Internet users around the world.
Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. Yahoo!’s global network includes 20 world properties and is available in 15 languages.

About ITV Sales

ITV Sales is dedicated to adding value to the 30-second spot proposition by delivering unique advertising solutions for its customers. Opportunities include broadcast
sponsorship, branded content, online advertising, text services, interactive advertising, ?advertainment? and off-air marketing such as merchandising and licensing.

ITV Sales sells television airtime and programme sponsorship on behalf of all the ITV1 regions as well as ITV2, ITV3, ITV News Channel, Men & Motors and Irish terrestrial
channel TV3. It also sells online sponsorship and digital media for ITV?s online properties as well as interactive TV opportunities.

About Overture

Overture Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc., offers essential marketing services for companies doing business online. The company’s search-based
products and tools help businesses connect with highly motivated customers. Overture is based in Pasadena, California with U.S. offices in New York, Chicago and San Mateo, CA.
The headquarters for Overture’s non-U.S. business is in Ireland, with offices across Europe, Asia, Australia and South-America. For more information about Overture, visit Overture is a service mark of Overture Services, Inc.

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